‘The Words on the Wall’ was an immersive concert experience for simultaneous online and offline audiences, focussing on live opinion and shared experience.

Peter collaborated with Outside Line, an award-winning digital agency, to execute the concept: Audience members were invited to tweet, email or SMS their thoughts and opinions into a custom Flash visualiser, which in turn aggregated their opinions for other audience members in the room and online (pictured below at The Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh). All messages were 140 characters or less, to allow for the Twitter API, and all messages were anonymous. The concept was criticised ‘sight unseen’, but what ended up happening was a room full of people sharing their abstract thoughts and feelings about music, most of which they were hearing for the first time, in open and candid ways.

This event led to invitations for Peter to perform and speak at conferences and at events around the world, including the 140conf LA, Twitter HQ, The Juilliard School of Music, getambITion and many others.