FLOW has flown / by Peter Gregson

It only just occurs to me that, amidst the craziness of editing and creating the final mixes of FLOW, I didn't actually write about it.

I took a bunch of photos during the process which  really don't do justice to the excitement of the entire process (which was totally new to me) - I've written before about the thrill of starting a day in the studio with nothing and ending up with something. Well, it was like that, but with a whole other layer of brilliant things going on.

To be blunt, my real creative involvement in the project finished on December 6th when I submitted the finished piece, ready for choreographing. The venue mixes and album mixes hadn't been done, so there was still some work to go, but this could only really be done once we were in the venue in January.

After a (much needed) Christmas break, the rehearsal period kicked off in tremendous style. It hadn't occurred to me that the music, up until this point, was entirely abstract. It worked nicely as an album, but the entire piece changed for me the minute I saw the first workings of the choreography for the Frozen (Duet) movement. It took on an entirely different life, and from that point on, I cleared my diary to make myself available for as much of the choreographing month as humanly possible... to see people re-interpret and re-imagine your work is a truly overwhelming experience; with the dance, it was somehow complete. The piece ran for all of February and, typically, was the fastest month of my life. It was such a pleasure to work with everyone at The Print Room and the rest of the creative team! Oh, and for those who like that sort of thing, the soundtrack is available over at iTunes and all the other usual places and a film was made! I'll link to that as and when.

Now it's over, and I'm back in the US for some meetings and, if I'm honest, the weather. Certainly not the scrambled eggs. Someone needs to have serious words with America about acceptable egg scrambling technique.

2013 looks like it'll be all kinds of crazy and all kinds of exciting, but on the plus side, I'll finally get a chance to work on my studio tan...oh.