New Year, New Release! / by petergregson

As some of you will know, I spent most of the summer recording Gabriel Prokofiev's gargantuan cello suite. It was a lot of work (really, really hard work) but as I sit, typing this update, I'm listening to it and it's still as exciting to listen to as it is to perform (in my totally unbiased opinion) Quick backtrack: Nonclassical have this thing where they release an original composition alongside a bunch of remixes of that work. It's de rigour for electronica/dance types, but for those of us over here in the classicalish world, it's still pretty new... honestly, hearing these remixes it's one of the biggest thrills of my career to date. I'm so excited for it to be released to the unsuspecting world!

Release spiel taken straight from the label page:

UK: 13.2.12

Worldwide: 6.3.12

Jerk Driver is one movement of Gabriel Prokofiev’s ‘Cello Multitracks’ suite, scored for nine cellos and premiered at LSO St. Luke’s in 2011. All the parts are played by cellist Peter Gregson, and this Single release also includes five remixes.

Cello Multitracks is perhaps the most vivid example yet of Prokofiev’s fascination with modern dance music:  Jerk Driver is studded with references to Grime rhythms and a heavily Rave-influenced refrain. The suite was written and recorded in close collaboration with Peter Gregson, whose work with MIT Media Lab has helped earn him a high profile among musicians engaging with new technologies.

>>> Stay tuned for the forthcoming video for ‘Jerk Driver’


1. Jerk Driver 2. Jerk Driver – DJ Spooky Remix 3. Jerk Driver – Marcas Lancaster Remix 4. Jerk Driver – Back to the Source Remix 5. Jerk Driver – Keith Beattie Remix 6. Jerk Driver – Majiker Remix 7. Jerk Driver (Radio Edit)

We release the full  ‘Cello Multitracks’ album in April.


19th January: w/ J.D Twitch (Optimo) + full ensemble / soloists – XOYO, London 10th February:  w/ Todd Reynolds, Joby Burgess ( + Gabriel Prokofiev DJ sets) – Joe’s Pub, NYC 11th February:  w/  Joby Burgess ( + Gabriel Prokofiev DJ sets) – Terrace Club, Princeton 15th February:  w/ DJ Madhatter, Joby Burgess ( + Gabriel Prokofiev DJ sets) – MOCT, Wilwaukee 16th February:  w/ Joby Burgess ( + Gabriel Prokofiev DJ sets) – Brink Lounge, Madison 18th February:  w/ Joby Burgess ( + Gabriel Prokofiev DJ sets) – Chicago (Venue TBC)

Stay tuned for audio teasers... they should be hitting the choobs very soon...