Labels?! / by petergregson

I'm totally obsessed with this album of remixes of Bon Iver songs, partly because I'm currently loving Bon Iver all over again:

It reminded me of a discussion the other day - I've been really struck by how reliant I am on label identity these days. Like, I'll listen to anything that 4AD, Nonesuch and Erased Tapes put out without giving it a second thought. I just know I like the musical aesthetic they go for.

Now, more than ever, I reckon label identity is mega important. If YouTube/iTunes listening techniques are going to inform our listening,  I'm pretty sure there's got to be a revolt to 'lineage' again; people wanting to know where their music comes from, or in which stable it was bred (as it were)

So, in short, yay labels and yay people taking risks and yay for people sticking their necks out for things they love. More please.

(Also: last night I was at Portico Quartet's gig at the Roundhouse in London. They were promoting their new album which is absolutely essential listening immediately)