'Inspire a Generation' is for life, not just for 2012 / by petergregson

The incredible thing about being grounded during August (self-imposed grounding, I wasn't badly behaved...) is that I'm around London for the Olympics. "INSPIRE A GENERATION" posters are everywhere, but I hope someone up at DCMS keeps this going. We aren't just producing inspirational people between 27th July and 12th August, we produce them all the time.

Our artistic and cultural exports are inspiring people all around the world all year round, and in fact, have been for years! Although it's probably easier to see why an Olympic Gold medal is directly inspiring, we really shouldn't assume that the National Youth Orchestra are any less inspiring, or the LSO, or any exhibition that Tate Modern presents... or Sadler's Wells, or Punchdrunk, or Hussein Chalayan, or Danny Boyle's other incredible works - the list goes on and on... It isn't that we need to blow the trumpets, but now that they've been sounded, let's keep the momentum going and play them louder.

Sport isn't the only thing that can inspire a generation!