Editing / by petergregson

As I may have mentioned (all those months ago when I last took to these pages), I'm writing a ballet score at the moment. Honestly? It's the most intensely bizarre process. The commission is totally open, totally free to do what I do, and whilst that may sound luxurious in extremis, it is in fact, not. It's really difficult! After the first playback of the that which is ready for such an occasion, I had to explain that I had written the music like a good pair of trousers. That is to say, I'd written it long. I figured that, although I may love this gesture, that corner, that precise Bb or this delicious low C#, it's got to fit the structure of the dance, and it may well be that those things have to be shoogled about a bit, and I'm happy with that. We're not talking about major issues here, we're talking about a bit here, a bit there, just to help the flow. Fine? Fine.


I will say this: editing music is hard. Really hard. Especially once it's committed to 'tape', as this has to be (crazy deadline and it's important to have split timings as there are to be projections, too). I'm spending the morning trying to make a whole section work, but a few minutes shorter. I'm talking about shaving 90 seconds from a 6min piece. This may not sound hard, but the pacing and tension is, so far as I can find, all in those 90 seconds.

The second pot of coffee is on... back soon.