#cellodata / by petergregson

For a long time, I've been defending my fitness regime; it's like an elite athlete: occasional hotel gym visits and the occasional visit to the gym in London really keep my body guessing. This weekend, I was particularly tired and bored. A vicious combination for my bank account.

I have contended that playing a concert is like running a marathon, it's high intensity and requires stamina. Everyone laughs, largely because I'm sitting down, so I decided to try and quantify it.

I bought a Nike FuelBand.

My goal is to track my cello effort in "Fuel", calories and steps. Somehow, this makes sense to me and feels like a really cool and useful thing to do. I'm collecting the data on the Nike+ app (iPhone and Mac) and making pithy comments about it on Twitter under #cellodata



Perhaps some kind of douchey visuals will come from this, but for now, I'm excited for the day when I can prove to have burned more calories playing a concert than by going to the gym.