Berlin and Bells. / by petergregson

I'm in Berlin this weekend presenting The Listening Machine at CampusParty with Dan Jones. For those of you who don't know, it's a massive tech&culture conference, and was being held art Templehoff, the former airport (and, as the driver proudly told me, the largest continuous building in Europe? [citation needed]. Either way, it was pretty awesome to eat gnocchi on a runway... The biggest thing in my mind right now is how best to go about starting to write a full ballet score. This past week saw a series of R&D days in a dance studio with Hubert (choreographer) and some of the dancers (4 of them), and some rough sketches and ideas more music were played out through a proper old school boom box.

The theme of the piece of Water, and its various states are being considered through sound and motion. It feels a little simplistic to ask what water sounds like, but at the same time, it's quite a beautiful series of vocabularies to explore: icey, aspirated, fluid, brittle, bubbling etc. It's starting to take shape, and I'm spending a large chunk of September scribbling and scraping away on it.

Anyway - as I was walking through East Berlin this morning to see some friends for lunch, and heard these utterly fabulous bells:


I'm finally getting my next album (the followup to Terminal) off the hard drives and into the studio, so will update on that via The Twitters and suchlike. Concerts are fairly quiet over the next few months as I process this major bout of writing, but usual service will resume from November-ish.