Checkin Tunes. / by petergregson

Yesterday morning, I was checking in at  London City Airport (surely the most civilised airport in the world?) and was greeted like a long lost friend. It was equal parts ego boost and nice start to the morning.
My suitcase was checked in and tagged HEAVY, my seats allocated and the usual glance to just above my head to check it wasn't a growth..."it's a cello - with a seat" - I moaned. This sentence, used verbatim hundreds of times a year by yours truly, has more tedious flying experiences and unfortunate arguments attached to it than you'll ever know.
"Oh we know! We're just wondering...would you give us a tune?"
Armed police are literally right *there*. Petulant ski-brats not far behind, but sod it. The lovely Laura at BA's LCY checkin desk asked so nicely that, yes, of course I'd play How Much Is That Doggy In The Window really loudly. 

They smiled. I wasn't arrested, nor jeered at by the local brats.

"If only your flight had a business class cabin!" she joked.
Now, as some  of you know, I literally never joke about upgrades. It is far too serious a topic to joke about, not here in the safe pages of my blog and certainly not there, at the hallowed check in desk.
"Are you saying that if I use the "Can I play you a tune" thing at checkin, I could get upgraded in the future?"
"Oh, yes"
OK, BA. Game on. I'm now pitting all major airlines against each other in The Great Cello Challenge of 2012: the first to upgrade me because of playing a tune before boarding the plane will win my trade for the rest of time.
Feb: Cotinental.
March: United.
April: Air Canada.
May: BA.
June: Virgin.
July: bmi
I'm looking to settle down with an airline. I'll even take requests.