SoundSHED / by petergregson

Well, Latitude was a lot of fun, wasn't it boys and girls? I was out in Suffolk for the entire thing (not camping, I hasten to add!) and it was as wonderful as it was muddy. I played Gabriel Prokofiev's Cello Suite again, followed by the delicious Richter/Johannsson combo. Oh, and it was using my new spiffy cello mic - and spiffy it was, indeed. A few things of in the IP17 environ: The Pump Street Bakery in Orford (everything was so good, I ended up being "that tourist" who took photos of their food), Butcher's Clothing Store in Aldeburgh (who supplied me with a very fetching and necessary Barbour jacket) and, of course, The Little Chef on the A12 between Southwold and Iken. At the festival itself, in between eating/drinking escapades, I was playing on the BAFTA stage on Sunday afternoon, and was grateful for the marquee-esque structure in which I was situated: not only was I kept dry, but was able to provide shelter for the hundreds of people who were in need of temporary drying, too. It has led to my latest theory about audiences: add water, and they grow. Good music is a nice touch, too.

Anyway - next up is this sound installation in a shed for the Stratford Rising Festival. Basically, I'm asking people to come along and record their Stratford and bring their sounds to my pop-up shed (complete with quad speaker surround, oh yes), where we'll create a day long soundtrack. I'll be mixing these and Soundclouding them on Monday. Also this week, finishing up mixing Gabriel's Cello Suite (release in late November) and spend some more time enthusing about how terrific contemporary Australian music is right now. Seriously, are we all aware of this? Peter Sculthorpe, Carl Vine and Mathew Hindson are all legitimately from Oz and are writing, for my money, some of the best music around. It doesn't sound like John Adams ft. Steve Reich (remixed by Philip Glass), nor does it have that Vaughan-Williams vs Britten sound. It has its own identity, and clearly, that's what Australian music sounds like! It's all terribly exciting, and I'd encourage you to all get in on it before it makes it to the compilation CD Market, where your "lemme tell y'all about..." style is old news.