By way of an update. / by petergregson

Best intentions let me down again, I'm afraid. I performed Gabriel's Cello Suite at the resplendent Kings Place on Monday night - first time since we finished 'hyper mixing' it all - was great to get them really polished, but much nicer to let them out into the real world...! We're finalising artwork and such now, with the release looking like February following a number of shows in the UK, Paris and a number across the US. The remixes are coming back, too, and they're sounding awesome - it's incredibly exciting hearing other people's interpretations of your work...quite weird, actually.

Since I last wrote, I've been in the US a number of times for meetings, concerts, (parties), and starting my year long new music project with NEC in Boston! Completed a few commissions, some fun and some weird, and am currently back in Los Angeles for a few things, including Thanksgiving. It's a hard life.

Next year is looking really exciting - following the music I did for the E.Tautz fashion show at London Fashion Week, I've been commissioned to do the music (write and perform) for a show at New York fashion week in February...all will be revealed soon...but at 90mins of music, I've got a lot to do! Actually, the first few months of the year will be quite US heavy with concerts, so I'll be on of another year of good airline status! I still feel robbed by Virgin Atlantic - I missed my gold card by 1 return flight, but if I got the miles for my cello seat, I'd be laughing all the way to the Clubhouse. Anyway, it gives me something to aim for next year.

Recently, I've been sitting on a number of commissions and panels, boards and stuff about a whole wide range of issues - this isn't the time, nor the place, but I'll do a proper round up before the year's up. I'm still holding strong with my Optimism is the new Pessimism stance, but never fails to amaze me how many people in positions of power completely miss that they need influence to be successful, and that comes from listening, not speaking louder. Anyway, I'll do a proper summary soon.