Pithy sign got me thinking. / by petergregson

Saw a sign in Giraffe at LHR T1: "whatever type of music you play, whether it be Mexican folk or rock n roll, if you're sincere, what you are protecting has Life and Joy" It's cute, it's in a great, bright orange font (I would have taken a photo, but my Blackberry camera is terrible, and my shiny new iPhone is yet to arrive - thanks, o2!)

It's a sign on the side of a restaurant at one of the busiest airports in the world, but it got me thinking. We live with this "protectionist" mindset; we, the custodians, are the only thing stopping music from being silenced in the world. Worse: we are the custodians of Beethoven and without us, he'd disappear.

Beethoven and his mates - they're big boys. They can take care of themselves and stand on their own two feet. Maybe instead of Protecting a culture like it's an endangered species, we can switch gear and live and breathe a culture in which we're proud? Important difference, IMHO