You know a place is good when it has a modulation in its themesong. / by petergregson

Is it too much to ask for a few more hours in the day? I mean, after you take out breakfast, morning walk to coffee, the gym, lunch, coffee, dinner and a walk home, it's pretty much gone, leaving little time for the ever-so-slightly more important tasks at hand, like commission deadlines and practicing my golf swing the cello.

I'm currently polishing the music for Courvoisier's Napoleonic Punch Machine, which is debuting at The Secret Garden Party in late July. It's a lot of fun, but a slightly odd brief - I'm keeping quiet, so if you want to hear more, you'll just have to come along! I'll be there on the 22nd reveling in, hopefully, the sun, but I'll be taking an umbrella(ella, ella) just in case.

Slightly more pressingly, I'm doing a concert next week at An Tobar. Literally here:

I'm pretty excited that somewhere so small can really justify a key change in its theme tune. It must be pretty incredible; not even Cheers had a modulation.

It's a similarly huge programme as The Queen's Hall but without Cello Counterpoint... in fact, there are a few subtle changes with correspondingly subtle reasons: one of them being that there's a golf course on Tobermoray, and it wouldn't be big or clever to be so tired from playing to have to miss out on a cheeky round of golf, now would it? (As I said, there are other reasons, but that's one of the more present ones)

I will have the Secret Garden Party piece finished by then, and then I can focus on the next Courvoisier project (which actually goes public first...), what does your soul look like? Tickets are genuinely scarce, so if you'd like to come, sign up to the facebook event and drop me an email soonish.

I think that's it for the rest of July... I'm off to buy some new shoes. Going to a dinner party tonight.