What's been happening in the past 19 days / by petergregson

Much. That's the simple and frighteningly honest answer... although I don't have much to prove for it, the next few months will (hopefully) be a lot simpler because of my judicious use of the traditionally useless month of February.

So, where to start?
I've managed to maintain an average of 2 and a bit (nearly 3) meetings a day, on top of learning repertoire for concerts stretching to the middle of October. I'm feeling pretty on top of my schedule right now, so that's nice! There's a lot of paperwork that goes into it too, so it isn't just as simple as just learning some notes...
I've even been to a few concerts - I went to Imogen Heap at the Shepherd's Bush o2 Empire (or whatever they're calling it now) two Friday's back, and and Yo-Yo Ma/Emanuel Ax at the Barbican this past Friday. Both terrific, both totally sold out and both genius performers. Wonderful night's, both. I also heard an awesome sax player at Green Park tube the other day, so that was nice.
In slightly more alarming news, I had two photo sessions sprung upon me in the space of two days: for the Courvoisier Future 500 on Tuesday and then some others for The Hospital Club on Wednesday - go over to flickr (click the button over there) and have a look... 
Looking ahead a little bit, my Society of Sound album, Terminal, is now all go for release on April 2nd! I'll be doing a launch event for it in London, and then again on the 23rd from San Francisco.
If you're interested in coming to the London launch of Terminal, be sure to sign up to the mailing list and add yourself to the 'London Album Launch' group - the details will be confirmed in the next few days, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.
Some fun things to come this week, but I'll update you on that as it happens.
I'm still twittering away, so come and say hello!