What did I learn this evening? / by petergregson

I was at Alex Ross tonight - "the hottest ticket in town". I was actually in the front row at the Wigmore Hall... to my left, Tom Service. immediately behind me, Suzy Klein and a few rows away again, Anna Meredith. Three rows back, the senior staff of the Proms, Alan Rusbridger, some easily recognisable world class concert performers littered the hall... the great and the good of London's cultural scene, in other words.

I'm mulling over the evening and will write a proper response tomorrow while I'm dashing up north to Edinburgh. 
But just to keep you up-to-date, I asked a question (that didn't really get answered) and had a very nice chat with the man himself afterwards (where he still didn't answer my question). But it was a really interesting night out.

Expect to see some mixed reports in the press, I should think. More tomorrow - I need some sleep.