UoM / by petergregson

I arrived, tired but happy, into Washington Dulles on Monday night, and then spent Tuesday (yesterday), at the University of Maryland, meeting their staff and students with Greg Sandow.

It's a terrific place, lots of really exciting people and ideas and a buzzing undercurrent of excitement for new things.
I was doing a concert of all British music on the electric cello (including some surreptitious tracks from Terminal) with "The Words on The Wall" style live tweeting. As usual, the comments were a mix of live opinion and opinions, but what was really great was programming the concert live as the comments came in, judging mood and pace from the comments in the room. I've never done it before, but will certainly do it again!

This followed a stage discussion between Greg and myself and the current state of classical music, and some selected projects we'd both worked on.


Here's me in my practice room, checking MainStage traveled as I thought it should and wasn't suffering from the jetlag (you never know with computers)

Both parts of the performing day went really well, and the in-house sound system was terrific! More importantly, everyone at the UoM made me feel so welcome, and they were all so friendly... it's an amazing place, and I'm sure that their pioneering music department will be trailblazing big things for years to come.

Today is my last day in Washington, and I have a touristy day lined up. Looking forward to unleashing the camera on the capital!