Tonight's the night it all starts... / by petergregson

So, today is the big day - it's the launch of both alt_classical and the first public performance of Terminal!

I have spent the past week and a bit prepping for this event, making sure the album is performable live (it is, just about..!) and making sure it holds together between my cello, the computer and the speakers!

After consulting my Twitter followers, I will be using a 50/50 mix of my acoustic and electric cellos - it seems fairest! Running on my laptop will be Apple's Mainstage software and controlling it all with an Apogee GiO - the incredilbe thing with this setup is that it's exactly what I'll take on tour next week to the US... It really is the best stuff available, and it fits in my hand luggage - amazing!

I'll post pics and videos as and when I have them, but for now, I'm off for a stroll to get my afternoon coffee before the car arrives to take Milton, me and all the stuff to the venue.