Terminal launch and beyond... / by petergregson

Well, Wednesday night was a great success! Thankyou to all of you who came, and to all of you that sent your kind messages! It was a double pronged attack: the launch of alt_classical and also of Terminal.. it feels like an age ago! I'm finishing my packing before heading to LHR tomorrow to take it all across to America.


(photo by Edd Hannay)

My touring setup is a lot simpler than you might think... Electric cello, MacBook Air running Mainstage and an Apogee GiO.


This simplified setup means I can concentrate on playing music, not worrying about buttons and cables (it also fits neatly in my hand luggage with all my clothes!), but every once in a while my deliciously thin Air will try to slow itself down and stop me looping things - maybe one day I'll grow up and get a MacBook Pro, but it'll be so much heavier! Anyway...

I'm going to be in Washington (12-14), Princeton (15), Boston (16-18), New York (19-22), San Francisco (22-25) or Los Angeles (25-26) - give me a shout if you're around. For specific concert details, go to the 'Events' page and if, for whatever reason, you want to keep a little more up to date, you should follow me on Twitter.