Terminal is available... now! / by petergregson

Terminal is available today!

Sorry for any confusion about the release date, but it is at least reassuring to know that, even in the this day and age, a bank holiday still holds some weight!

UPDATE!! Get Terminal direct from BandCamp!

Visit the Society of Sound now to get your copy!

When I started talking with B&W / Real World about this album, it was March 2009 and I was rather glamorously sitting Starbucks in Boston, the morning after a big concert the night before. Later, I was then commissioned to do it towards the end of the summer, I was flitting off to San Francisco. It was there that I started coming up with concepts and sketching out ideas for the music, and then by mid-October, was safely ensconced in Peter Gabriel's inspirational studios out in Box, Wiltshire. No sooner had Milton and I had our last pint after recording, then I was off to LA. When I returned, tired and slightly tanned, I was straight back to the Real World (in many ways), and started mixing!

It only feels right that, in 10 days time, I'll be jetting off on tour of the US again, this time to Washington, Boston, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. A year after the idea was put in my head, and it's finally out in the open... it's a very strange feeling.

Working on this project was an immense privilige, and I was fortunate enough to work with so many terrific people in the process - Greg Freeman (engineer extraordinaire), Susanna Grant from Bowers & Wilkins, Amanda Jones, York Tillyer and all the wonderful people at Real World and especially my great friend and inspirational producer/co-conspirator, Milton Mermikides.

Following on from Peter Gabriel on one of his own labels is a daunting prospect, but I do hope you enjoy the album... I'm publicly performing it for the first time on Wednesday 7th at The Hospital Club, and then will be taking it with me to the USA. I have a few ideas for the next project, but for now, I'm focussing on Terminal!


My guest post on the B&W blog about the making of the album can be found here!