(Princeton > Boston) Now I'm in NYC / by petergregson

Following my Amtrak fiasco the other day (I'm not going into it - too many memories) I got to Princeton and got my stuff all sorted at my hotel just off Nassau Street, which is apparently the only hotel in town. A little jaunt to the only Starbucks, and I was ready to hit the only music department. Turns out Princeton isn't that big, but it is really nice, especially when it's sunny... even supposing the local colour is orange.


After some iChat enabled tech support/wizardry from Milt, I managed to get the Hyperbow working in time (oh yes, the Hyperbow. That old chestnut!). Luckily there was a free flow of coffee going, and a big plate of what appeared to be pure sugar, so energy levels were high, even supposing the presentation has moved me that one little step closer to diabetes.

I had to field some really interesting questions, most frustratingly from the guy hosting us: "why do you need the control over these perameters? What do you add that a guy with a laptop couldn't do?"
Ouch. Thanks. I mumbled something about performance integration and continuation of motion, but actually, he has a solid point. What do I, a performer, uniquely bring to my own performance? It annoyed me for the rest of the night, even during another foray into amusingly named beers (Dogfish Shallow End that night, Dead Guy lager in DC).

I'm mulling it all over, and am considering a more considered post on this soon.

So, I'm now in New York by way of Boston, where I had some terrific meetings at NEC and MIT, then was at the presentation of the McDermott Award for the Arts to Gustavo Dudamel, followed by a panel discussion with Tod Machover and John Harbison... The three of them had a terrific collective enthusiasm and passion for music as a tool for social good that was incredibly inspiring. All in all, a good weekend well spent, and I managed to escape just before the Boston Marathon started!

I am now unpacked, have my mobile studio set up and am drinking tea at The Roger Smith Hotel, in midtown Manhattan, before going to bed.
This is where the crazy busy leg of my trip starts, with three meetings this afternoon before a drinks reception ahead of the #140conf NYC (which kicks off tomorrow at the 92nd St Y, where I'm performing on Wednesday!).
Oh, and tomorrow I'm doing a big concert at The Lab Gallery in the evening, with live performance artist Morgan O'Hara, who will be painting/interpreting my performance. I'll be streaming it live from my site tomorrow, 6pm EST.
Then on Wednesday, I'm off to the Juilliard to re-join Greg Sandow and his class on the development of classical music, then some more meetings before I'm on at the conference, followed immediately by two more meetings then a dinner. Then, miraculously, I move west to San Francisco in search of a fairer climate and some more concerts!

I'll probably be slower / quieter on the blogging front, but get over to Twitter and keep in touch!