Next Friday, the weeks after and a few notices. / by petergregson

Six speedy little days time and I'll be soundchecking at The Queen's Hall. Not long to go now, tickets are selling well and if you're thinking of coming, see you there! Ahead of this, I'm going to be on The Music Café (BBC Radio Scotland) on Wednesday afternoon, playing 'Minus' from Terminal and the Gigue from Bach's 3rd Cello Suite - I think there are a few questions by way of an interview, so I'd best be on good behavior.

After the Queen's Hall, it's full steam ahead: I start on a really exciting commission for The Secret Garden Party immediately after I walk off stage (more on that soon, but it's shhh for now), then zipping back to London to do a workshop with ENO/Punchdrunk ahead of a live rescoring of The Warewolf of London with them at the end of the month.

Another alt_classical at The Hospital at the start of July, then it's a quick trip to Mull to play An Tobar. A few days (and a round of golf) later, it's back to London for The Courvoisier Revolutionary Spirit Festival where I'm collaborating with the terrific visual artist, Jamie Shaw.

Then it's the Secret Garden Party (still don't know where it is) and the ENO/Punchdrunk project before we get are into August, when I'm back in New York playing at Le Poisson Rouge. Much much more on this soon, it's another biiiiig programme and I'm thrilled to be playing there - if you don't know LPR, check it out. It is teh awesumz.

Because we're always being told that variety is the key, I'm looking forward to collaborating with Kidkanevil - we were put together by The Hospital and the Red Bull Music Academy, and I'm looking forward to seeing what we do together!

One final outing for the current concert programme to The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen, then I'm having a break during September to regroup.

All good, clean, honest (tiring) fun.