Nerdy thing that makes me happy / by petergregson

On Twitter, there's a new, dedicated page for Retweets. It is split in 3: "Retweets by Others", "Retweets by You" and finally, "Your Tweets, Retweeted".

I can't explain why, but the correctly placed comma in the final category makes me very satisfied. I honestly don't know why. It's just a comma.

But actually, it's the same in music I like. It's always the tinyest thing, the potentially ignorable detail, that makes it "your" track. Often you can't explain it, it's just there.
For the impending release of my B&W album, I was asked to write a blog post about my favorite tracks and sounds in recorded music.
If you've never thought about this stuff, can I encourage you to try? It's really tricky to start with (and nearly impossible to articulate at times), but getting under the hood of some of my favorite pieces of music was a really enlightening experience.
I'll link to the article when it goes online!