My Monday morning in music / by petergregson

I'm in a big John Adams kick right now, and last night heard (for the first time) Road Movies for violin and piano. It's a terrifically spritely piece, one that I think must be immense fun to perform and an utter nightmare to learn..! If you don't know it, don't worry yourself - it's on Spotify as a compilation of his relatively small "piano &..." output. (The keener viewer will be amused to see that it was released by Warner Strategic Marketing.) It's actually a terrific album, and I think I might go and pick up the physical copy - Nonesuch, his label, always do such brilliant packaging that it's certainly worth it.

I'm also listening to Samuel Barber's String Quartet, op.11, from which the cinematically clichéd Adagio (the second movement) comes. It's actually far better in context and as a quartet work, so make sure you've heard that properly. Apparently there's an industry-wide ban on using it for sync in films now, so I suppose there's a lucrative market in writing Barber's-Adagio-esque music, to fit over the death / helicopter / badly matched wedding scenes.

As I type, I'm also listening to An Ending (Ascent) by Brian Eno. Other than the blatant disregard for a subtle use of samples, it's a really haunting track which acts as the fish course to the Divenire sorbet by Ludovico Einaudi (a name I swear I'll never be able to spell unprompted). 
The kitsch addition would have to be perpetuum mobile by The Penguin Café Orchestra. 


You probably last heard this track on an advert, one that you don't remember but remember thinking it was a banging tune, so whichever bank it was that was detailing your brighter future / spiraling debt, you probably felt at ease. Somehow the phrase "together, our future is together" springs to mind. Maybe it was an Orange advert... hmm... any ideas? Feels like there could be some travel element involved - but surely this is too upbeat for any train company? Doesn't have the ambience of an airline... 
If anyone can tell me which advert I'm probably thinking of, that would be great!