Luckily the lights are more inspiring than the A/C. / by petergregson

I'm back in New York for a few days, and it's all like 

Quoth the prophet: "these lights will inspire you". Yes, yes they do. It's great. I love New York so much that I would move here tomorrow. 

It's just... why's it so hot? I mean, it's so cold in the winter. Can't they just level it out a little bit? Surely some Marvel Comicsesque evil super villain is up to the job..? The only possible downside is that they might lose their evil super villain title and end up being truly beloved by the people. Failing that, perhaps someone could invent an A/C unit for the streets. That'd be great.

But enough of that.

I'm here to play at Le Poisson Rouge on Sunday night, and it's getting very close! If you want more info, you can find it over here, but for those link h8rz, the programme is:

Gala Water Sally Beamish

Tracing the Outline John Metcalfe

Cello Counterpoint Steve Reich


Bow to String Daníel Bjarnason 

Vocal Max Richter

Spem in Alium Thomas Tallis arr. Peter Gregson


If you're in New York, it would be great to see you! That being said, for all you out-of-towners (Brooklyn doesn't count), the concert is being filmed and also recorded for WNYC/Q2 broadcast, so I'll get that all up here as soonish as I can.