Last night x QH / by petergregson

So, last night was The Queen's Hall, Edinburgh concert. My first public outing of Cello Counterpoint and a host of other things, including John Metcalfe's painfully wonderful Tracing the Outline.

Nice audience; well behaved, clapped at the right bits, laughed at my jokes and had a drink afterwards, too!
We spent the entire day having lots of fun making noises soundchecking, so come the evening, everything was really solidly in place - however, it was also perhaps the most thoroughly documented soundcheck I've ever done. There were no fewer than 14 cameras there (we counted them this morning), between five different photographers.
Mr Edd Hannay snaps a mean picture (top), as does Mr Andy Catlin from The Queen's Hall (below) - there are loads more, and they're in the usual places. NEW: check Julie Broadfoot's pics - they're pretty rock'n'roll.

The concert itself was a blast; a very, very tiring blast. I'd like to add a line of thanks to the programme notes to the people in invented Biofreeze. Thanks to my continued shoulder related issues, I enjoyed a cooling shoulder freezing during the interval to push me through the mountainous second half.
A lot of people were asking about the Max Richter piece after the concert - yes, I am recording it, not entirely sure when, but it is going to happen sometime soon! Don't worry, I love it too.
Anyway, the QH is a superbly terrific venue and I can't wait to return to make more noises and stuff...
Next up: getting stuck into the Secret Garden Party commission tomorrow then pop back to London for the Punchdrunk/ENO thingy - as The Scotsman pointed out, it's a busy week for Gregson.