Last night at LPR (inc. setlist) / by petergregson

It's the morning after the night before, as they say. I had the most incredible time at Le Poisson Rouge, a crazy cool venue with amazing people and the most terrific audience I think I've ever played to - it was a great pleasure to be back in New York, and I can't wait to be back! 


A number of people asked for a programme which I dutifully couldn't provide, so here it is at last!

Gala Water - Sally Beamish [solo acoustic]

Tracing the Outline - John Metcalfe [electric]

Cello Counterpoint - Steve Reich [acoustic + track]


Bow to String - Daniel Bjarnason [acoustic + track]

Vocal - Max Richter [solo electric cello]

Spem in Alium - Thomas Tallis [acoustic cello + cello] 

If you and enjoyed the Metcalfe/Richter electronicsy stuff, perhaps you'd like to check out my album, Terminal? I think you might like it...
I'm hoping to get some pictures and audio from the show up soon... it all ended with a really lovely meal at the terrifically tasty and conveniently placed Minetta Tavern where, it turns out, their wardrobes are fully dedicateable to the accommodation of my cellos. Clearly a new star-worthy measurement of a restaurant.

In more coffee related news, I've pretty much conquered every 5* (and above?) reviewed espresso bar on the west side of Manhattan, so this mornings job is to branch East and see what delights they have over there. I'm told Abraço is pretty extreme, so that's my morning sorted. I'm recording with the wonderful Slau this afternoon (he's sending the chopper to pick me up) for a Christmas album (the second Christmas album I'll have slaughtered, oh yes) and then some roof terracing this afternoon/evening.

Back home late tomorrow, so will have to pick up a few things for a few people and then hit my usual galleries before jumping on the plane!