It'sa remix nation / by petergregson

Last weekend was spent totally over caffeinated in Red Bull's perfectly equipped studios (just off perhaps the best named street in London, More London

I was there working with super-producer kidkanevil (AKA Gerard) and Rob, his WhizzKid Modular Synth friend. 80 channels (mainly of cello), two days and a lot of Red Bull later, we finished "mod synth vs cello... fight" It was so much fun and, actually, one of the best sessions I've been a part of for a long time - I'm really looking forward to hearing the track when we go back to mix it fully in mid September!


Following this and a few announcements, I ended up staying and working in the CelloCave™ for a few more days - it's all for the good, and with pre-production for the new album starting in earnest as soon as possible (it's actually started...) and a number of other projects looming, it's nice to be able to get a grasp on them properly before it goes completely mental from mid September.

The next deadline to fall is actually a recently added thing, new as of last night. Commissioned in the pub. Don't worry, it's nothing silly. Well, maybe it is...

Gabriel Prokofiev, composer, DJ and brains-in-chief of Nonclassical, is in town for a premiere tonight and a club night on Saturday, and we met for beers and such. It was a jolly affair, which ultimately turned to discussing extended cello techniques, recorders, compressors and laptops (the usual pub chat). Did you know there are, like, a million different kinds of recorder? I was aware of the usual prep school ones, the descant, the alto... but The Great Bass? He sounds like a very distinguished kind of recorderly aristocrat; poised, superior, but ultimately useless. I mean, what's that range all about? It goes one octave below middle C!

Is that it?


Anyway it appears that his label, Nonclassical, have recorded a piece for contemporary recorder ensemble and would like to to be remixed as a companion track on the album. This is something they do, and the people that have contributed across their back catalogue (which is now distributed by Naxos) is a sparkly, twinkly who's who list of audio trouble makers: Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Hot Chip, Simon Tong (The Good, The Bad and The Queen, Gorillaz & The Verve) John Maclean (The Beta Band & The Aliens), and Gabriel Prokofiev have all remixed string quartet movements and other such things, and now muggins here has been asked to remix The Recorders. I'm actually really looking forward to the challenge, as I've never spent so long listening to recorders in my life, and I can only assume this is a good experience to have. There's only one rule: all material has to come from the source recordings (can't even add any cello...) so it'll be a good chance to push my new shiny computer pretty hard, and was a good excuse to buy some new plugins. More news on this as it happens.