It's about art and music, maybe the occasional time traveling punch machine... / by petergregson

It's exactly what it looks like.

I'm playing my blue electric cello in a white washed gallery in central London, surrounded by people drinking cocktails whilst sitting on freshly laid grass, under a wooden tree with cardboard apples dangling off it.


Hasn't everyone been to something like that?

Those pictures were taken on Saturday night on the closing evening of the Courvoisier Revolutionary Spirit "Mind Apples" event, which was a lot of fun - I casually created some live soundscapes, and Jamie Shaw created these incredible paintings, live - you can see them below, sort of.


They currently reside in the collection of Greg and Drew's office (the White Label PR bosses), which I for one am not too happy about. I think the blue one would look smashing in the CelloCave, but they reckon they're better placed there. Who am I to argue..?! Eventually, they're going to be displayed at The Hospital Club for a little bit, alongside the music and film that was made, but I'll keep you posted on that.

Later today I'm heading through to Cambridgeshire to see the Secret Garden Party, so I'll film what goes on there. Apparently it isn't quite as secretive as I thought. In fact, it's not really that secret at all.

UPDATE: Check it out! This is the pedal powered punch machine!