I'm back, but I'm buuuuusy / by petergregson

I landed back in London from LA on Tuesday evening and, after dinner with The Father, I tumbled to bed.

Today, however, and for the next two months, I'm non-stop. Concerts, recordings, new stuff to learn, meetings, some stuff to write... and more traveling! It's absolutely brilliant and definitely the right problem to have, but the great thing with being away is that it gives you a natural excuse to leave email unanswered, not return a phone call, not run to everything everywhere. But back home? Totally different story. I'm now slowly wading through a backlog of tracks I didn't get around to listening to, emails I didn't reply to, invoices that need paying and, let's not forget, learning a box full (literally) of music for the next few months "because I have the time to do it back home".

I'm also in the process of bringing my "2.0" offering up to date, which I'm ashamed to say I let slip a little recently... which, earlier today, prompted me to ask the Twitter whether I should be on Myspace or not.

I got a unanimous no, which I respected for its clarity, but wondered where it all went wrong for the one time / long time market leader. I remember when Myspace was, like, the thing to do and the hot place to be. And now it doesn't even get the time of day... anyway. Interesting, and probably the topic of a more focussed blog post.

So, now that I'm back, my to investigate list has changed. No longer is it hotel rates, flight times and cable requirements for the tour. Now, it's back to long term goals: right up at the top, in pole position is agent/manager type person

I think around 51% of my day is spent emailing, plotting, scheming and scheduling. I do love it, but that's time that could be spent practicing, writing or in meetings, actually doing the stuff I'm so busily setting up, plotting and scheming. 

Anyway, that's just what's going on through my mind as I listen to Jónsi's terrific new album whilst lying in bed, not really getting over my jetlag.

(found this whilst uploading the pics I took on my travels.. thought it was pretty fun-nay)