Gojira tai Mekagojira, clothes and some notices. / by petergregson

This post has been lurking, like the spare socks in my carryon luggage, for a week or so. I've looked at it from a few angles, toyed with formats and lengths, sentence structure, fonts, pictures, commas, ellipse... and then just got on with it. On a plane. If it seems disjointed, apologies.


It's here, and yes, "Gojira tai Mekagojira" means "Godzilla vs Megamonster". I think it makes a subtle reference to the working title, Cello vs Modular Synth MEGAMIX FIGHT. A wise and, ultimately rewarding decision very well made by Mr G. Roberts, aka, kidkanevil. Have a listen, maybe a little download, and a think. I'd love to know what you think.

Gojira tai Mekagojira by kidkanevil

Not entirely sure what the next steps with this track are, but as mentioned all those weeks ago, it was created at Red Bull Studios in a dizzy weekend of caffeine and air conditioning. Many more to come, hopefully.


Did you see this article by Alex Ross in the NY Times about Wagner? 

While [Richard Wagner] had a gift for extracting money from the wealthy, and became notoriously conservative in old age, he rejected the conventional picture of the opera house as a playground for socialites. After he fled Germany for Zurich in the wake of his participation in the 1849 Dresden uprising against the crown, he began to argue that the “artwork of the future” would no longer serve the moneyed classes but instead speak to the masses. He denounced the practice of favoring classics over new work. In a letter to the composer Franz Liszt, he heralded a time when “we shall abandon our habit of clinging firmly to the past, our egotistical concern for permanence and immortality at any price.”

Tesitfy, Richard.. I was totally amazed to see this - I had litrly no idea he was all up for this kind of stuff. Refreshing to have a nice thing to think about re: Wagner.


Since we last spoke, the shiny Terminal CDs are out now! (well, actually, they're totally matt - an eco-friendly chipboard if you please) A little snap from The Hospital where I played the album again, this time alongside a few new tracks. Having just picked up a smörgåsbord of new shirts from Ted Baker (they're a Made-BY brand, I'm a Made-By ambassador and they really do make oh such lovely things), I was feeling pretty good with my lot, making noise in my club, with my new threads and with my gang around me, it's a situation that could be lifted straight from a 50Cent song. Or perhaps something from the Mylie Cyrus archives. Either way, it was a great evening and the newly refurbished 2nd floor at The Hospital was buzzing with bass-pumping, plate spinning ambient solo cello music... and champagne c/o Veuve Clicqueot. Contrast, I'm sure you'll agree, is the key.


I was in Holland over the weekend, playing golf. Playing golf really rather well. I shot a 67 at Hilversum (where the KLM Open had just been held) and a 71 at Kennemer, where Seve Ballesteros won his first tour event. While sitting at Schipol reflecting on 36 rather magnificent holes of golf, I was sipping a gentle beer and reading Q magazine. It turns out that Jay Z, Mumford & Sons and Lady Gaga are some of the most influential/powerful/important people in music right now. Unfortunately, all I could think of was how desperately I wanted to hear that collaboration, and then watch the resulting episode of Glee. 

Gaga, as ever, made an incredibly powerful point. She wants to have an all-Gaga exhibition at The Louvre. I'm not entirely sure where I stand on her aesthetic, but you really cannot help but be amazed by her clarity. That's a really interesting place to choose - it demands an instant "WTF" response, but seems so appropriate somehow. She's a savvy, savvy lady. "Expect to hear more of her." #understatement


Next on the cards is the much ballyhooed about listen.to.my.world at Kings Place on Oct 11th. Come along - tickets are literally £9.50 if you book online in advance, and then a little more if you buy on the day. I don't think they offer SpeedyBoarding, but if you use your Amex, you'll get some airmiles I suppose. Things are going along really well for it, Microsoft Labs are Microsoft Labsing and Milton and I are musicing; it's a pretty exciting programme, so I'm keen to just get on and do it now! The next morning, however, I'm off to Boston very early, so I'll need to have sourced my essential pre-Heathrow Express coffee. I'm not sure that trusting LHR T3 with such an important part of the routine is a wise move.