Excuse me while I'm busy [EDIT] / by petergregson

Sorry for the silence after the Alex Ross lecture - I wrote my response and thoughts at 5am the following morning en route to Edinburgh, but sadly it never made it to Posterous...sad times. Bizarrely, it isn't even saved in my Sent folder, and yet the header (displayed heroically below as proof!) made it in tact. Maybe I'll find time to re-postulate in the coming weeks... 

In the meantime, my US schedule for April has almost doubled in complexity!  

12-14 Washington DC (U. of Maryland - performance and talk)
15-18 Boston (meetings)
19-22 NYC (performances at The Lab Gallery & 92nd St Y, presenting at #140conf and returning to talk at Juilliard)
23-25 San Francisco (Terminal launch from Twitter)
26-27 LA (meetings)

If you're around, let me know! I may be able to swing you a ticket to a concert, or at least meet for a coffee! The full concert schedule will be confirmed this coming week, so I'll post that appropriately as soon as I can.