BOS, MIT, TEI / by petergregson

I arrived in Boston last night and went straight to my favorite local curry house. I really love Boston, and always look forward to coming here. This trip is no exception. I spent this morning at the new, shiny MIT Media Lab. I have spent time in their old building (right next door), but this is just  a different level. It only opened in November, and you can still smell the paint!! I'm going to be spending the next few days there for a conference / performance, and I can't wait! Make sure you watch the slideshow on the link above, it's really great.

I'll post some pics and videos of the project I'm here for, but right now I'm off for lunch with some friends! For "live" info of what I'm doing at the TEI conference, follow me on Twitter. I'll be keeping that going with pics as we go..!