Back to the Metrop., an interview and an observation. / by petergregson

I've just finished my very tasty M&S sushi lunch on the train down to London, and am now knuckling into some work, but thought I'd update you on a few things.

Again, I'm in practice/writing exile right now, and it's oh-so-very productive. I really should do it more often, it's great! I wake up, go to the gym then get on with some practice or some writing, whichever feels better right then.

The acceptable offset for this is my next few days in London, 3 days with back to back meetings from 9am - 8pm. Actually, I have to work a miracle of modern travel science to get to a presentation in time from the time I get in.. I have 14mins to get from Kings Cross to The Hospital Club. Fingers crossed!

A nice interview was posted at The Music Void this morning, it's over here. Take a moment to dig around the site, too. It's got a lot of really great stuff on it. Also, just the other day, an interview with me and visual artist Morgan O'Hara appeared in NYC based BOMBMagazine, which is transatlantically over here. It's all about the collaboration between the two of us at The LAB Gallery back in April (New Yorkers appear to like unprompted and unnecessary capitalisations)

An un-mentionable, big, exciting commission popped into my inbox a few days ago, making July and October, somehow, even busier, but I'm looking forward to telling you about them soon.

A speedy-quick plug: m'brother is the guitarist for Howard Goodall's new musical, Love Story. It's terrific by all accounts, and is on for a number of weeks in Chichester (an hour from London? Something like that). Go.

In other news, I was in HMV's Classical Department/Ghetto, and noticed the Emerson Quartet's new CD, Old World - New World. A true child of my time, I was immediately struck by the similarities to Take That's gargantuan release: Beautiful World.



It is my sincerest hope that DG are now employing Take That's artistic director, but I'd be waaay more excited to see them perform a Shostakovich/Beethoven/Bartok cycle in a circus setting in the o2 like Take That did for their latest album - that would be awesome - so perhaps their stage directors are needed too. Who's going to make that happen? I'd buy at least 3 tickets and the souvenir programme! It would have some amazing photos in it - Mitch Jenkins, the super-star photographer for at least some of their profile pics, has also snapped Hugh Laurie as House, Russell Brand, a fisherman and Ross Kemp, so it would be a merch. sale field day! Collectable branded tuxedo t-shirts - they'd be the talk of the playground!

Anyway, onwards. We're just passing Durham and I have some work to do! I'm playing and doing an interview on BBC Radio Scotland on June 16th, so I'll link over to that nearer the time, but for anything else in between blog posts, follow me on Twitter!