alt_classical & tickets to my album launch / by petergregson

I'm very, very excited about this.
One of the main parts of my residency at The Hospital Club is going to be a year long concert series, "alt_classical".
Curated in conjunction with WildKat PR and The Hospital, we'll be kicking off on April 7th at 7pm with the first live performance of Terminal, my Bowers&Wilkins album (it will only just have been released on April 2nd!)

We'll be curating one event every month, featuring some terrific new music and incredible guest performers / collaborators. It's early days, but we have some really exciting things coming up with it throughout the year, so watch this space to keep up to date!

I'm going to keep 6 invites to each event for people who read my blog/twitter, so click here and add yourself to the alt_classical list if you're interested in coming along to what should be a really terrific series! More on this soon. 

The first event isn't that far away, so if you'd like to come to the launch of 'Terminal' in the heart of Covent Garden, go straight here and tick the "Terminal London Launch" box. The first 6 people to sign up will be added to the guestlist!
Of course we'll film and record each event, but it's never quite the same as being there, is it?!