A New Age. It's the answer. / by petergregson

Today it was my birthday, and I'm now 23. Hurray!

I've been thinking about new beginnings recently; we're at a really exciting time in the music industry where the old rules are being questioned for one reason or another, and nobody can say with any real clarity what's happening.

Surely we should be making interesting stuff? Stuff that provokes a reaction. Stuff that doesn't settle, stuff that isn't static. Why not do something that you'd like to see and hear? Would you pay to sit through something dull and lifeless?


Me neither.

Just because it's been one way for ever doesn't mean it has to be like that for ever. I say it a lot, but honestly it's because I believe it: if we're not interested and excited about what we're doing, what do you think the audience will be like?