A few little things including golf, TED and paintings. / by petergregson

Well, not little really... they're quite big, but I thought I'd play with you.

Where to start - apologies for slight radio silence, but things have been a little big crazy of late. 

First up, Terminal is being released physiquement on Tuesday! "w00t" etc. In button talk, that looks like this (CDs are on their way)


If you're in London and would like to come along to The Hospital Club on Tuesday evening, 7ish, it'll be all happening there and then. However nice and exciting that may be, talk really started on my new album a month ago or so, and that talk is starting to turn to making some noises. It's a lot of work, but spending time in the studio is just immensely, immeasurably pleasurable so I can't wait to dedicate more time to it than I have right now... 

Things are going nicely towards listen.to.my.world (which has, I think you'll agree, just enough punctuation in it). Microsoft Labs' very own Tim Regan is taking control of the visualisers and, following our latest meeting, they should be oh so very cool and oh so very informative. The music should be nice, too..

My Kings Place concert does, however, mark the start of The Week From Hell (or, TWFH). TWFH is so named because it has 8 flights in it, taking me sensibly and essentially to Toronto, Boston, Frankfurt, London, Munich and Turin for some concerts, some talks and some meetings. Nice. 

Just before that, however, I'm playing at a very interesting event at The House of Lords for Made-By (the sustainable clothing organisation for whom I'm an ambassador) and seeing the Nonclassical recorder album being released (I've got a remix on it somewhere!). As is happening quite a lot right now, it's all about variety.

Things are also underway for the Spheres and Splinters residency I'm doing with Tod Machover at Aldeburgh Music and Kings Place in November - he's writing a piece for cello and ambisonics, and UVA are doing a huge, brilliant, amazing light show. A light show. I normally just go with some blues, reds and some gentle spot lights. This is a light show.

Did I mention the TED Music conference that's going on? No? Oh, that's going to be just incredible. You should definitely come. 

Immediately after those concerts, I'm supporting Hauschka in Glasgow and then the next night playing at an exhibition of James Hugonin's work at The Ingleby Gallery.

He makes these amazingly ambient yet structured works that I really love. I've even been sent a book of his stuff, which is really great and makes my coffee table look pretty serious. Things like this:


I'm programming the concert it right now, and am thinking some Morton Feldman and Ligeti alongside some newer things... nice.

Once those shows are done, it's heads down into the new album, maybe with a cheeky little trip to the US, but really dedicating some time the production side of things and making it work well. It feels like it'll be a way off, but really it's just around the corner!

Right now, however, my mind is racing towards some fierce golf matches I have coming up in Holland at the end of the month. Cello? Presentations? Composition? That can all wait. I have to practice my mid iron approaches.