Nearly two years ago, I started speaking with Yuli and Ragnar at Reactify, a London based company specialising in reactive music apps.  

I wanted software to use on stage that listened.  Simple.

Traditionally, if a  performer would want to perform an electronic score, affect their instrument in any way, or create loops on stage, they would require either a dedicated piece of hardware (e.g. a foot pedal), or an accompanist to man the computer. goPlay does away with this need, and keeps the performer in complete control of all aspects of the composition (samples, effects, loops) solely via notes musical played by the instrument.

Effectively an ‘intelligent digital accompanist’, goPlay listens for certain notes, phrases and rhythms played by the performer, and literally ‘reacts’ with the appropriate effect. This adds new elements of spontaneity, variation, freedom and, interestingly, risk to the world of contemporary music performance.

Aldeburgh Music generously hosted Yuli, Ragnar and myself for a development residency in 2012, and then invited us back along with the wonderful Finish violinist, Pekka Kuusisto, to present a concert featuring new works by Nick Ryan, Martin Suckling, Yann Seznec and Pekka and myself. Below is a short promotional video made by Aldeburgh: